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Boasting exceptional elegance and stunning design, the Lighted Platinum Rocking Horse Santa is the perfect accent piece for your holiday collection.

This charming Rocking Horse Santa by Karen Didion will have everyone waxing nostalgic for Christmases of yesteryear. Suited in soft fleece and faux fur, Santa carries a teddy bear, drum and a load of old-fashioned toys in his woven backpack. His preferred method of delivery, a hand-painted rocking horse, is fitted with working metal wheels.

The Traditional Old World Santa Figure sits comfortably on anything from a mantle to a shelf and adds holiday cheer to your home.

Our Mark Roberts Letters to Santa scene celebrates Santa's method for making every child's Christmas wishes come true. Bespectacled Father Christmas reads a child's letter while a spritely elf dances beside a teddy bear and a drum at his feet, reading another child's letter. Santa and the elf are dressed in all their holiday finery: tailored, trimmed, and tasseled jackets, pantaloons, and caps finished with jingle bells. - the fan site for Santa Claus collectors, with Santa Claus figurines and other Santa collectibles. Collecting Santas is our game!

The sight of Santa with a Puppy, holding a tiny golden Labrador retriever in one hand and a 6 ft. tree in the other, is a warm and wonderful greeting. Handcrafted in Ohio, Santa has kindly bespectacled eyes and wears a classic red suit trimmed with faux ermine. The lighted holiday tree is richly decorated with glittering red berries, leaves, and pinecones.