3mm Round, Gold (1) FMG #H20-7361MB 8x2mm Daisy Spacer Rondelle, Gold (1)FMG #H20-8815MB Eyepin, Gold, 21-28 gauge; 2-1/2" (1) 1/2" H x 3/8" Wood Spool (1) Size 8 & 6 Seed beads to fill spool hole (10) Earnut, Plastic, Clear, Ribbed 4x3mm #5387FN (2) & 5x4 #1667FN (1) 6mm Top Bead (1); Aqua=FP Crystal Lt Aqua - Cranberry=Green Round - Purple=FP Crystal AB 6mm Bugle Beads 18 Delica size 11

Glass Bubble Tassel Ornaments at Sova-Enterprises.com Ornaments with a twist! The tassel is INSIDE the clear glass sphere. A lovely matching beaded collar circles the metal topper. Very detailed step by step instructions with large color diagrams make these ornaments quick and easy to stitch. The tassels are great alone and the beaded collars look fab on solid color balls too!

I couldn't decide if these radiating shapes reminded me more of snowflakes or flowers. So I've embraced both summer and winter and called them snowflowers. Choose a palette to make an ornament that celebrates either season. Designed by Julia Gerlach.

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