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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Student Guide to Organization, Note-taking, and Study Skills

Topics covered included how to keep a binder organized, organization tips for at home and school, being prepared for school and study, why we procrastinate & strategies to avoid procrastination, study tips, note taking strategies, and tips on how to pay attention in class.

The reason why flashcards are a great way to memorize concepts and terms is because when you study with them, you make your brain work hard to retrieve information from your memory.The more you do this, the better it stays in your long-term memory. This is also the reason why simply reading over your notes a thousand times won’t help you study. Because you’re not working hard to retrieve any information, the info is not consolidated in long-term memory and stays in your working memory (5…

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Comma Rules Study Tool

This unique mnemonic device titled C.O.M.M.A.S. lists, with examples, the six main uses of the comma. Each category has a brief explanation and a few examples for the students to immitate. It is an excellent tool for teaching this confusing grammar topic.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Measurement Conversion Study Guide, Tips, and Practice Problems

Measurement Conversion Study Guide, Tips, and Practice Problems by Innovative Teacher #math

Weekly Language Challenge - Japanese Language learning site to push yourself and others to learn more. New site but needs people to help make it better.