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Her long hair was wet and pasted to her back. She waved at him in the dark, and he waved back. He walked over to the water, and said something in a low voice, and she laughed. He took another step toward the water's edge. And she said his name. "Pan."

Beautiful Conceptual photography Photography by Terrence Drysdale Model: Victoria J. Yore MUA: Melinda Clark Henry Design: Art institute of Tampa

16 People Who Really Know How To Take A Summer Photo

This fella’s best friend: | 16 People Who Really Know How To Take A Summer Photo

(Contemporary example of ancient tradition.) This Marshallese stick chart, called rebbilib in Marshallese, marks the islands and major wave patterns of the Marshall Islands. They used them as memory aids, reviewing them before a journey but not bringing them along. It is said that a fishermen would study his charts, leave them behind, and then lie on his back in the canoe, the better to feel the rise and fall of the ocean swells. He interpreted the map with his body memory, not with his…

the forest was drowning. I could hear the trees caught in the struggle between gulping down the water and dying in it. like our lives. deciding between embracing life to it's fullest or living safely a little longer. But, like the trees--we didn't have a choice.

Stunning Urban Photographs

Erik Trent is a talented self-taught photographer and creative director based out of Dallas, who loves to design, explore & travel. “I spend most of my free time traveling and immersing myself …