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But it opened my heart to so many new kinds of relationships.

SO VERY TRUE. Take time to learn the love language of those you love, so you can show your love, and feel their love as well.

I wish those days would stop. He doesn't deserve for me to miss who he never was.

The Heartbreak I feel.is my truth. Some days I feel sick to my stomach. there are to many memories to forget, there are too many 'i love you's ' to let go and there are too many years to move on from.


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Attraction: You attract people by the qualities you display. You keep them by the qualities you possess.

Make today count. You'll never get it back.

So true! Today is the day my loml died, has it been six years already? Make today count. Make your words count. Someday you will learn that you can never get back this moment in time. So MAKE TODAY COUNT.

:) never ever let me go again my sweetheart

But sometimes we know all along how important they are but still make the mistake and fall apart. Sometimes you fall apart and never get to see what could have if only things could have a real chance.

He believes in you, you got this.

Only God knows everything I've been through in life and how strong of a person I am to live it and still succeed with my head held high, God only gives people what they can handle and I am proud to (Step Quotes Truths)