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Keep it simple. How beautiful! This gold Halo ring by Polly Wales holds an unusual kite diamond that will stand out in any ring stack. As it is passed down it will carry with it all the happy memories of previous generations.

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This is beautiful. Read the description. At first I thought it was a cave painting.

Soo I just got 1k followers and I wanted to thank all you guys, I'm honestly so excited and happy! I seriously never thought this would happen, ily all:D


I Thought I Had Seen Amazing Photos Before... Then I Saw These. Wow.

This incredible entrance is to an amazing snow tunnel that’s almost a kilometer long. It's located under snow fields in the deep ravines at the end of the summer. Apparently it is fairly close to the nearby Mutnovsky Volcano in southern Kamchatka, Russia.

When the Petronas Towers were built in Malaysia, most of us didn't realise China had beaten them to it with the Bridge of Immortals... #China #Travel