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Put In The Effort quotes - A successful relationship requires a lot of work, unfortunately some people aren't always willing to put in the effort. Read more quotes and sayings about Put In The Effort.


when your crush caught you staring at them lol funny kpop

Actions (when they think no one is looking) show the heart of a person.  Pay attention so you keep the right people in your life.

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Is this how you felt when you were pining away at the office and he wouldn't have sex with you anymore

We barely talk now. If you wanna stop talking, it's fine. I'm tired of waiting and watching you avoid me.

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You think he loves you.Your dead wrong.If that's Amour you are pretty dumb.Keep believing his lies.

Oh if you only knew the bs lies I have heard recently.it's amazing how you can throw the truth in some people's faces yet they still choose the lies over truth.you're a doormat and its all lies.

Writing Prompt Wednesday: I think we were meant to be but we did it wrong.

(I saw him always looking at me, and when I would look, he would smile) but I didn't have much interest at the time. Now I really like him, but he's not showing interest anymore :(

Hope this never happens between us

I suppose that we've parted and drifted away from each other. but i want you to know that even if i may be a stranger to you now, i love you earnestly from the bottom of my heart. also, i miss you a lot.