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My Benghazi Pt 012 Gross Dereliction of duty Treason Exposed 05.02.2014

No, I do not LIKE people just because their vegan or vegetarian. I RESPECT them for standing up for their own beliefs, they put others before themselves, they stand up for what they know is right. That's why I 'like' vegans/vegetarians,

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29 Times Tumblr Completely Got What It Means To Be British

<b>"Remember that time Britain got literally the entire subcontinent of Asia hooked on opiates so they could get more tea?"</b>

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thinking of you, Barber Kruger

British Leyland blessed us with many wonderful cars over the years, and was never afraid to pander to the American car buying public, giving us the big rubber bumpers that we demanded. But before 5-mph bumpers became a fad, we had to get by with the smaller chrome ones, as seen