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Gaz de schiste ? ou pas

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Faux Paris! In 1917-1918, French authorities secretly built a life-size replica of Paris in the northern outskirts to trick German bombers into destroying the dummy city rather than the real one.

Climate Change Today From diminishing snow and ice to increasing temperatures to rising sea level to more frequent and destructive extreme weather events, 97% of scientists agree climate change is happening and it is man-made. The Climate Change Today infographic by Weather Underground thoroughly describes these changes and how they are affecting the Earth’s ecosystems. If we continue on our current path, these trends are expected to accelerate.

The numbers are in: #the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reported this week that 2012 saw a record 1.035 billion international tourist arrivals.

This map of London districts, was intended to be used as a grand “masterplan” of how a post-WW2 London could look. Each district appears as a simplified “blob” with rounded edges – many districts are simple ovals. Specific single “University”, “Government”, “Press” and “Law” districts are all defined. Blue dots mark out the main shopping streets, with town halls marked with larger red dots.

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