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Their Ducks Weren't All in Order When they got married! Almost from the moment Ryan met Cassi, he wanted to marry her. He was in Pharmacy school and only had two more years to go. After beginning his third year and following a pharmacist around, he decided he didn't want to be a pharmacist. He wanted to change careers and go to dental school, Lord willing. {He had become good friends with Steven and liked his career path much better.}

"You die with guilt... My daughters would probably say that I was a bad mother. The biological clock and career clock are in total conflict with each other. When you have kids, you have to build a career. Just as you're rising to middle management, your teenagers need you. They need you for the middle years. Then your parents are aging and they need you too. Stay-at-home motherhood is a full-time job."

When a woman decides she wants a career and be away from the home, then expects her husband to help with the housework, it’s a recipe for disaster. Nowadays, some men are willing to step in with housework but many are not. Most men have no desire to “keep the home” like the women do. They would rather "build the home." This creates a power struggle that often will lead to divorce. Many times it’s the little things that cause divorce, not the big things.

Do you remember your first year of marriage and what you learned? Steven and Emily have been married a year and Emily shares what they have learned from each other!

All four of my children are married, as most of you know. They are happily married! Here's a little glimpse into their lives.

Before they got married, Sandy had decided that she would never nag her husband or complain about him or to him. She made the decision that she would show him grace instead of anger or being upset with him when he didn't act the way she wanted him to act.

"I am scared to be real about this, even with my other male friends. I have struggled with this for so long that it is now affecting my faith. If God is always faithful to us, why do I burn with temptation all the time? If we are called to marry in order to help with our “burning”, then why did I get married? I would feel better being just best-friends with my wife than being married."

The average age for women getting married in United States is 27 years old. Fertility goes down after the age of 40. Therefore, most women have 12 years in which to have children. The average life expectancy for women is 81 years. Your window for bearing children is very small compared to how long you live.

Would You Call Your Marriage AWESOME? There is an article that is titled 18 Reasons Why Being Married is AWESOME. I sent it to my children and Emily wrote back this to me, "I showed Steven the list and he said 'I'll give you 100 reasons!'" {Steven is loving being married to Emily!}

"Our sovereign God has made no mistake in assigning us the ministry of touching our spouses' deepest needs." I spent many years expecting Ken to meet my deepest needs and he never measured up. I married him to meet my deepest needs and he failed me. I was miserable. Our marriage was not happy. If I had read this book many years ago, I would have thought, "See, this is why I am not happy. Ken is not ministering to my deepest needs."