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Their Ducks Weren't All in Order When they got married! Almost from the moment Ryan met Cassi, he wanted to marry her. He was in Pharmacy school and only had two more years to go. After beginning his third year and following a pharmacist around, he decided he didn't want to be a pharmacist. He wanted to change careers and go to dental school, Lord willing. {He had become good friends with Steven and liked his career path much better.}

Do I know every one of Steven’s habits and mannerisms? No. {But a couple who has been dating two years won’t know every detail either!} Do I know his character? Yes. Do I know his commitment to family and love for the Lord? Absolutely. Do I trust in my Heavenly Father who has protected and provided for me my entire life, and who has placed such an amazing man in my life? You bet.

Should a Christian Woman Wear a Bikini

Should Christian women wear bikinis?? This is a great, grace-filled approach and the answer may surprise you!

No.. No no no no no. Do children need a bible? es! absolutely! but instead of a belt, they need loving and understand parents to help them, guide them, teach them, and explain to them who God is, where He is in their lives, sets a good example, and create a life that involves God fully. THAT is how you raise amazing children. Not by beating them!!!!

And yes, even though I am feeling guilt, I am feeling relief that I have begun to see my own faults because before I was just feeling hopeless thinking we were going to be miserable forever, and now I have hope that things will turn around!

How Expectations Kill Relationships

How Expectations Kill Relationships! Are you expecting flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day? Will you be upset if you don't receive them? Read this post!

We had a great blessing this month with a deer, made lots of sausage and canned a bunch of it. Had a great thanksgiving with lots of friends.

Most women deeply desire an intimate marriage full of passion, romance, and emotional connection. However, few realize that they are the one keeping their marriage from all these wonderful things.