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"El tren era realmente viejo e iba bastante lleno"

Syria aid convoy attack: What we know

Russia has denied it was behind an attack on a Syrian Arab Red Crescent warehouse and a UN aid convoy in Syria that killed some 20 civilians.

Syria conflict: Aid convoy attack was air strike, UN expert says

Analysis of satellite imagery taken after a deadly attack on an aid convoy in northern Syria last month shows it was an air strike, a UN expert says.

Syria conflict: Aid convoy hit by 'air strike' near Aleppo

Convoy of 31 trucks preparing to set off to deliver aid to the western rural side of Aleppo, Syria, 19 September 2016

Kenyan intelligence 'foil assassination attempt on Israeli PM

{ KENYAN INTELLIGENCE 'FOIL ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU'S CONVOY' DURING OFFICIAL VISIT } #DailyMailUK .... "Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia.. A Kuwaiti newspaper says his convoy was re-routed in Nairobi on Tuesday.".... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3678813/Kenyan-intelligence-foil-assassination-attempt-Israeli-prime-minister-Netanyahu-s-convoy-official-visit.html#ixzz4DlZsmnxp

White motorist armed with a GUN is filmed at protest in Charlotte

People struggle amongst tear gas in uptown Charlotte during a protest of the police shooting of (Armed) Keith Scott (by a Black Officer.)

Pokémon Fighting Game Coming to the Wii U - http://blog.go2games.com/pokemon-fighting-game-coming-to-the-wii-u/

Técnico do Atlético-GO foi encontrado em motel e não foi vítima de crime

Procura no Motel que você Acha [UOL Esporte] https://esporte.uol.com.br/futebol/ultimas-noticias/2017/01/17/policia-diz-que-tecnico-do-atletico-go-nao-foi-vitima-de-crime.htm ②⓪①⑦ ⓪① ①⑦

Más Noticias Oaxaca @Masnoticias0ax #VIDEO: Difunden momento exacto en que Policías Federales son arrollados por un vehículo en Rosarito, Baja California

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