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Make Way For and Feed the Ducklings

For generations, children have been reading Make Way for Ducklings, inspiring countless trips to the local pond to feed and visit the ducks. What most don't know is that bread and crackers are the worst food to feed these birds. Learn why and what you should feed ducks, along with a healthy homemade duck feed recipe | Ducks | Children's Books | Robert McClosky | Preschool |

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Top 10 things to bring on your next trip to the beach

Top 10 Things to Bring on Your Next Trip to the Beach - So, you're heading to the beach and the bags are packed. Did you remember to bring these 10 things? You might be surprised how simple it is to pack for a day at the beach. | Summer fun for kids | Travel with Kids | Beach Trip | Family Travel |

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Resources for Parents who want to raise Healthy Children.

9 Resources for parents who want to raise healthy children. By Dr Orlena Kerek, pediatric doctor.

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Protect Your Family This Summer

Protect your family this summer, with safer sun protection. Sunscreens with high SPFs may not be more effective, and may actually cause more harm, than good. And just because it is labeled baby sunscreen, doesn't make it safe. Learn how to find safer suns

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Easy Recipes for Kids - Frozen Banana Yoghurt Bites

Frozen Banana Yoghurt Bites recipe - Simple and healthy snack idea with only 3 ingredients - easy recipe for kids from Eats Amazing UK

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Painting with Frozen Paints

painting with frozen paint. If you are looking for painting ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and young children, painting with frozen paint is such a fun idea. It's also a great sensory play activity as well. Great for summer!

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5 Easy Chores for Kids - That Will Simplify Your Life

5 easy chores for kids that will make a huge difference! The first one might just save your sanity.

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10 Amazing Benefits from Playing Chess with Your Children

10 Amazing Benefits of Playing Chess with Your Kids by snotttynoses #Chess #Kids

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Winter Activities for Kids

I will definitely be doing this for our kids!! And there is always a possibility that we will end up in it too.....

Do you spend a lot of time at the playground during the summer? Check out our summertime playground safety tips. You can also use these tips at any time of the year that you and your family might visit the playground. #summersafety #ad