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Non-profit governance: The work of the board, part 4

Our friend Dani Robbins is back and she's continuing her series about #nonprofit board governance topics. Today, she is elaborating on the board's role in fundraising. Please click-through and join the discussion.

Non-profit board work that moves the needle

Are you correctly utilizing the collective brain power of your non-profit board of directors. Guest blogger, Dani Robbins, is talking about it today at DonorDreams blog. Please join the conversation and share your thoughts!

Where do you get your non-profit inspiration?

#nonprofit work is hard and grinding . . . every NFP professional needs inspiration from time-to-time or they would run screaming from their agency never to return again. Where do you get your inspiration to keep going? How does your agency inject that into the workplace for its employees and client? Please click through and join this discussion at DonorDreams blog!

Donor stewardship postcards? They work!

Your #nonprofit can learn a lot about stewardship from the University of Illinois. We're dissecting a stewardship postcard from UIUC this morning. This strategy really works! We're talking about it at DonorDreams blog this morning. Please click-through and join the discussion!

Marketing your organization’s volunteer program

"Hoping" for volunteers is a strategy that doesn't work for non-profit organizations. However, marketing your volunteer program requires some targeted messaging because what appeals to Millennials is different for Baby Boomers. Were talking about all of this today at DonorDreams blog. Won't you please come join the conversation?

If you aren’t laughing you’re probably crying

Non-profit work is hard and frustrating. Not only has it made me cry from time-to-time, but I've seen many execuitve directors and fundraising professionals breakdown and shed a few tears. Humor can be a great counter-weight and way to keep things in perspective. We're talking about a new non-profit satirical website and the power of laughing at DonorDreams blog. Please come join the conversation!

Non-Profit Time Management: The Trick About Delegation

Most non-profits have cut their staff and operations down to the bone, and donor are still asking them to do more with less. Executive directors and fundraising professionals used to be able to "delegate" their way to a higher level of productivity, but this isn't likely to work with the skelton crew staff structure in place. We're talking about "delegation" strategies at DonorDreams blog. Come join the discussion!

Work-Life Balance for non-profit professionals? Ask a donor for help.

Work-Life Balance? Non-profit work? LOL Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!I've searched for this like Captain Ahab searched for the Great White Whale. But it is "O.D. Fridays" at DonorDreams blog and we're tacking this subject once again with the help of John Greco. I think we've made some progress. Please come join the discussion at add your two cents.

Crazy non-profit board meetings and some advice for board volunteers

Dani Robbins is dispensing great advice to #nonprofit board volunteers about how to avoid crazy board meetings. Please click-through and join the discussion at DonorDreams blog.

Are fundraising volunteers born or are they made?

I have gone back and forth for years on the question: "Are fundraising volunteers born or made?" However, I think I might finally have an answer to this question after bumping into an old friend of mine the other day. Join the conversation at DonorDreams blog and share your thoughts on this age-old question.