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Mongol Warrior by Photosynthetique, via Flickr

Guerreiro mongol (Mongol warrior)

Mongol Warrior | Mongolia | Dogeared Passport

A Mongol Warrior. They were very good warriors, and conquered much of Asia in a very short time.

Mongol Warrior. THEEE bad ass of their time !

The Mongols had societies civilizations in north China during the 4th and 10nth centuries C.E. Despite Kabul Khan defeating a Qin army in the 12th century, the Mongol organization lost power after his death. Chiggis Khan was his grandson. Chiggis was originally named Temujin and was a member of the fighting Mongol clans towards the end of the 12th century. He gained power through alliances and after slaughtering his enemies he was elected the supreme ruler of all Mongols in 1206.

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Genghis Khan - the Mongol Empire didn't long outlive him. His sons and successors fell to infighting.