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"And so for ever, day and night the same,.. Years flying swiftly nowhere, like a game.. Played random by a madman, without end.. Or any reasoned object but to spend.. What is unspendable -- Eternal Woe!.. O Weariness of Time that fast or slow.. Goes never further, never has in view.. An ending to the thing it seeks to do,.. The shores of many stars and passing on,.. Careless of what may come or what has gone..." ksc The Lonely God by James Stephens

Glamour shots of the #OUAT cast. (Emma, Hook, Snow, Charming, Henry, Regina, Neal, Belle, & Rumple.)

New | A community of Schnauzer lovers!

Deleted scene from Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor <<<<<<< WHERE DO I FIND THESE DELETED SCENES?!!!!!!!!


'Never Been Kissed': Where are they now

Dylan O'Brien - Teen Wolf, The Internship, The First Time

This seriously just broke my heart into a thousand pieces. *sobs*/THIS IS NOT OKAY WHO WOULD DO THIS// This... IS NOT NICE.

I loved when Doctor who was with Karen Gillan aka Amy Pond and Matt Smith!!! But I can't wait for the 50th anniversary special episode :)

Sweet chihuahua ( I don't do Instagram, but my daughter does n this dog has a huge following! His owner in Japan(?) takes a pic every day and they are SO cute! I have only seen about 50- you might want to look them up!