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Vintage "You'll Die Laughing" Trading Card #15 by Topps (c.1973)

And your secretary told me you weren't in! Ah.... You'll Die Laughing with this monster trading card from One side of the card features a black and white

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Report: Hackers in China Tried to Attack Clinton's Server

Report: Hackers in China Tried to Attack Clinton's Server ~ The Associated Press said the attempted hacks appeared to have been thwarted by threat-monitoring product, but for 3 months she had none.

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Latest News India : Uttarakhand has joined the list of states to ban the sale of Maggi with samples of the popular food product failing laboratory tests. “A decision to ban the sale of Maggi was taken late last night in public interest by the Food Security Department as 2 of a 300 odd samples of the food product failed laboratory tests,” Principal Secretary Health Om Prakash told PTI.

As the first year after the end of the transition comes to a close in Afghanistan, the Head of the UN Mission, Nicholas Haysom, told the Security Council that there is “no viable alternative to the National Unity Government.”Haysom, who is the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), said “the National Unity Government, itself the product of political crisis, inherited a weakening economy, an empty…

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This Charming Dog That Rides Horses Is More Than Just A One-Trick Pony

This Charming Dog That Rides Horses Is More Than Just A One-Trick Pony

Cyber-spying fight spills into trade debate. Cybersecurity is bleeding into international trade, with countries setting up barriers to U.S. exports in the guise of protecting their products from snooping. The trend has rankled U.S. officials, who see it as digital protectionism masked as national security. “There is a growing wave around the world in the name of security regimes, which is really an attempt to use trade barriers and cyber-related measures to try and frankly keep U.S…

Working in London as secretary to the irascible Robert Campbell, Caroline MacDonald is told to fly to Scotland to help her boss sort out problems behind his inheritance of a Scottish castle. But strange things happen during a blizzard when they are forced to work together. Can they forget their differences and find love?

Doug Davenport, a Department of Agriculture official is a true believer in the conservation of America’s land. When Davenport told the Associated Press he was deeply concerned about the havoc ethanol production was causing to these lands, he got an email from Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. The message was to stop talking.

COW PIES!.. WASTING MONEY ON "GLOBAL WARMING" FIXES IS DELAYING FUNDS FOR FOOD PRODUCTION.. Climate change and a growing world population will make staving off world hunger more difficult in the future, Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience convened for a panel on “Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate” at the U.S. Africa Leaders Summit Monday.

Location of Iraq On May 27, 2003, a secret Defense Intelligence Agency fact-finding mission in Iraq reported unanimously to intelligence officials in Washington that two trailerscaptured in Iraq by Kurdish troops "had nothing to do with biological weapons." The trailers had been a key part of the argument for the 2003 invasion; Secretary of State Colin Powell had told the United Nations Security Council, "We have firsthand descriptions of biological weapons factories on wheels and on rails…