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“Commit to being the very best version of yourself today.” -Lindsay Vastola. Photo cred: IG marixfitness. #repost #TRX #trxtraining #fitness #trainanywhere #functionaltraining #motivation

“Commit to being the very best version of yourself today.

Find out more about TRX suspension training and learn how you can start doing these effective full body workouts today.

Why You Should Start TRX Suspension Training (Plus a Basic TRX Workout!)

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TRX: 8 Moves Too Good to Skip

Get The Skinny On TRX: 8 Moves You Do NOT Want To Skip! (It would be just my luck the bands would slip off and I would land on my face!

Suspension training -- way harder than it looks.

More on TRX Suspension Training

trx exercises that we do @ trx bootcamp ! Increase strength and endurance. Doing this per week, lifting weights per week and running week, yoga week.

Legs and Abs Bodyweight Circuit.  #trx #circuit

I love TRX suspension training. You can do so many different bodyweight moves simply using gravity and the de-stabilizing action of the straps. Your core muscles will fire up immediately as they ac…

The Predator TRX Workout

The Predator (TRX Workout)! When I am done with this workout, I've earned a glass of Predator!