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Gardening for Dummies: Companion Planting {Free Printable} a chart showing which plants should or should not be planted close together

30 Herb Garden Ideas

Herb Gardens 30 great Herb Garden Ideas

Permaculture Ideas: Foods that will Re-Grow from your Kitchen Scraps. Also read this article, 16 Foods that Re-Grow from kitchen scraps

how to live off of the land....2 acres (or less)

Infographic: How Much Backyard Is Needed To Feed A Family of Four?

Infographic- How big of a backyard do you need to live off the land? we want to live off the land

If you are a NEWBIE to composting, here's a helpful graphic of How To Compost

This handy infographic on How to Compost provides a compelling case as to why you should consider composting and teaches you handy tricks to reduce composting time.

I've built one similar to this. No mesh just all PVC! I like the mesh idea. Make Your Own Greenhouse

Make Your Own Greenhouse, DIY Greenhouse from PVC and cattle panel Could be used as a Chicken Coop/Yard as well

Everything you need Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

23 Diagrams That Make Gardening So Much Easier

Spalding Gardening Calendar - Month by Month! Your monthly gardening guide and to-do list is here!