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Lepidolite Assists Spiritual Communications

Lepidolite is a "light-finder" assisting your communications with spirit guides and angels.

Funny Wildlife, funnywildlife: Wtf with this rain!! Amazing... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pour-la-protection-des-animaux-et-de-la-nature/120423378016370

Funny pictures about Umbrella Frog. Oh, and cool pics about Umbrella Frog. Also, Umbrella Frog photos.

Frog ballet..does anyone else think this is weird?

A Frog Dancing Ballet – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World


Palmar Treefrog (Hypsiboas pellucens) by Alejandro Arteaga look at that adorable little guy!

Poison dart frog

The vivid red or orange skin of the splash-backed poison frog (Dendrobates galactonotus) is a danger signal to potential predators.

Green Fluorite Crystal - Fluorite comes in a variety of colors. Fluorite is a beneficial stone to help guard one against picking up negativity or negative energies from those nearby. Basically, the stone absorbs any negativity, keeping it at bay. It is important to cleanse your it at least once a week when you are using it as a protective helper.

A List of the Top 10 Healing Gemstones

The 10 Best Healing Gemstones: Fluorite Crystals - Protective Shield

Habitat: Colombia, Ecuador Status: Endangered This awesome frog is the Tiger’s Treefrog (Hyloscirtus tigrinus) and I’m sure you can see how it got its common name. If a tiger and a frog hooked up… well, you’d get this guy.

I wish I could see one of those in real life ...I would probably start screaming lol...yah

Tree Frog photography by AngiNelson 9 Colorful Tree Frog Photography by Angi Nelson