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Icee - Used to get one every time we went to K-Mart!

I didn't have much money for ICEEs, so I would scrounge around for discarded cups to rack up enough ICEE points for free ones!

Variety shows were very popular in the 70s and the Gong Show was the best of the worst.

The Gong Show with host Chuc Barris, The Unknown Comic and Gene Gene the Dancing Machine.

Covering textbooks with brown paper bags.  No spending money on fancy smancy pre-mades.

Easy Steps to Making a Paper Bag Book Cover

Using a brown paper bag for a book cover.and doodling all over it! one year all of our teachers REQUIRED that all our books be covered with brown paper bag to PROTECT OUR BOOKS!

Remember when this was the biggest problem you encountered all day? But we figured it out. Walked to the side pulled the swing away from the puddle and jumped on it. Getting off with dry feet was the next problem. But we didn't care.

Freshen your breath with Freshen up - the gum that goes squirt.

Spearmint Freshen-Up Chewing Gum offers more that just a gum with a liquid center. As if the flavor of the gum weren't enough, the cool liquid burst in the middle is sure to get you hooked!

"If you know what this is, you're an old gamer."  And, damn proud of it!

If you know what this is, you’re an old gamer

Video game switch used to play "Pong" then switch back to watch TV!

Greatest Inventions Poll Gives Props to Sony Walkman ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring fillers, music, electronics, decor и stuff

Sony Walkman - remember when we had to "fast forward" and "rewind" and "flip the tape over"? The Ipod

Grocery Store Checkout, 1970's. Notice all the different sizes of paper bags?

Grocery Store Checkout, Notice all the different sizes of paper bags, but no plastic in those days. You never heard the question "paper or plastic".