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Another great 5 star review on Amazon for "Statue in the Square"....Why not give my book as an Xmas present to someone? ;-)

A recent 5 star review left for Statue In The Square on book that readers seem to thoroughly enjoy. Here it is!

Statue In The Square.....available today for a few days gratis free. Below is just one of the great reviews for this book... "I've read many books on the subject of LOA, Positive thinking and many others but this book by far is the most helpful one. This book helped me to think positively and to use the art of visualization so immensely, that I do it all day long without even working too hard. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Joanne St.Clair for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us :)"

Statue In The Square is back in the charts. If you have have not yet read this book, let other readers recommend it vie the reviews on Amazon. We do not have the budget of major publishers, hence rely on word of mouth with regards 'marketing'. This is how this book and our other work gain their fans!!

What Others Say........about Statue In The Square: "The author did an excellent job of describing the power of the mind. Very easy to follow and understand. It was so good....I decided not to go to bed until I completed the book in its entirety. Readers will not be disappointed."