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I thought there would be more to it.

Growing up we always had the most wonderful homemade Easter baskets that my mother made for us. What I loved most is that you couldn't find them in a store, and not a single other friend of mine h...

I got two of these awesome mugs at a thrift store. One I broke the handle off before I even got home and the other is chipped like crazy on the insided and we can't use it. BUMMER Cadiz Mug #anthropologie

Leather Sole Vintage Fabric Covered Boots Leather Sole Vintage Fabric Covered Boots•••found these gems at a local thrift store, made in Brazil, size 8 1/2, material is stretchy to match the shape of your foot, very small heel perfect for any occasion, these really remind me of the yeezy shoes and other boots theatre popular these days, CRAZY how fashion repeats itself Vintage Shoes Ankle Boots & Booties

There are so many "old" entertainment centers at thrift stores & g.sales now bc of flat screens. This is what I'm going to do with our when the box tv dies!...love the two on top!

Meet your Posher, Sonora Dancer Hi! I'm Sonora Dancer. I'm from the Gold Coast of CA. First of all I'm a massage therapist ask me for a $25 nation wide discount for Zeel. I've been into fashion from traveling all over the world. I'm the mother of 8 crazy rad kids, 6 biological & two adopted from Ethiopia. Growing up I worked at a thrift store with my stepdad, and developed an eye for finding cool fashion finds. I was into vintage lingerie, and vintage swimsuits. In My free time I'm a jewelry…

This is a very simple book folding technique. First you can use any kind of book you would like. I used an old trade paper back, I no longer wanted. Recycling books is way better than throwing them away and if you don’t have any books to recycle then they are really cheap to purchase at a thrift store or book store. The book I used has about 300 pages. It took about an hour to get it done. Usually when I book fold I just watch my favorite TV show and fold like crazy to get it done before…

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