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I thought there would be more to it.

Transformed a thrift store find into a cute cabinet with open fronts. Kind cute and contry sideboard now with the chicken wire doors.

If you have kids, you have one or can get one at the thrift store. Needed a sturdy easel for heavy & large projects. So, remembered my son's easel stored far away in the basement. Customized it with some 1"oak. I use a piece of whiteboard for a flat surface when needed. It has the bonus of already having a storage shelf, a chalkboard, & whiteboard, and best of all folds up easily. One of my most used projects & I recall precious memories of my son-Kim

Growing up we always had the most wonderful homemade Easter baskets that my mother made for us. What I loved most is that you couldn't find them in a store, and not a single other friend of mine h... fit as a fiddle, post two reconstruction. Taking in the back seam on pants. Gotta try this!