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North American Continent Box

North American Continent Box, Montessori Geography & History At Home

Social Studies - Seven Continents.  Make a bag for each with information from countries and cities within!!!  Books, recipes, toy animals, flags, etc.

Africa Continent Bag (Photo from Counting Coconuts) plus sites with printable info on continents

Montessori Tidbits: In the Continent Box -- Africa

Today's continent box is one of my favorite continents to study -- Africa! I feel a semi-kindred heart for Africa, as we sponsor a child t.

I wish I knew about this sooner, since we are doing a geography missions unit study at co op. This is awesome!  Continent bag 6: Asia #geography

Counting Coconuts: Our Continent Bags - Asia. With links to other continent bag ideas

Learn the 7 continents with these fun printables! Lots of suggestions for use included.

Learn the Continents: Free Printable!

Is your child learning about world geography? Mama's learning Corner has FREE Continent Cards! She includes suggestions on how to use these great cards.


A great collection of picture cards to represent different unique aspects of the continents. There are two different sizes of cards - for sorting and for creating continent folders. Includes pictures of all seven continents with labels.