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so blessed to have a Pastor that loves the Lord will all his heart!thank u Pastor Jeff!!

Cornbread Dressing with Sausage, Apples and Mushrooms

Picture of Horizontal Tacos al Pastor Recipe - with pineapple onion topping. recommended by Kira...I made these last night and they were truly amazing.

St. Louis Family Church. Pastor Jeff Perry's sermons are available by Podcast.

There´s another side of Africa, this really primitive one, where things can really get out of hand in no time. As a reminder of this troublesome feeling, once home a letter arrived from my friend Jeff Willner, who is brought up in Eastern Congo. It was a call for help sent from a pastor in Bukavu, a very good friend of Jeff´s dad, Charles. Jeff and me visited Bakuvu together back in 2009 and found it an enchanting town. The letter is the most troublesome letter I have ever read.

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Which is why I love my pentecostal church. We don't need any fancy stuff to keep us interested! Just worship and preach the Word