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This is hilarious! Although why is there a no bird sign to start with? Did they think the birds were gonna read it?

33 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Will Take Your Breath Away

Just wasn't the same...

Just wasn't the same...

23 Minions to Crack You Up

23 Minions to Crack You Up -

23 Minions to Crack You Up

How the hell does this work?: Books for Christmas

humour and (mostly) light hearted comments on life, teaching, science, women and having a good moan.

10 Colorful Hair Ideas to Express Yourself!

20 Rainbow-Inspired Foods to Welcome Spring

Rainbow hair<<<no im pretty sure thats cotton candy Yes, this is cotton candy hair and it looks sweet

Sooooooooooooooo saaaddd

How many tears did the Doctor cry? A river, enough to fill two ponds, At least enough to water a rose.