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Emera’s Caribbean subsidiary slammed for power charges | The Chronicle Herald

$304 million mostly forgivable loan to the wealthiest family business in Atlantic history in anticipation of the $25 billion ship building contract. And yet, education is slashed, health care falling, poverty high. Ummm......

Halifax police warn of sex offender's release. We have one of these just two doors away....

Food bank robbed in eastern Ontario community okay. so it's bad enough you're going to steal. and it's worse to rob a food bank. but to add insult to injury by breaking in by driving your vehicle through the door, causing loads of damage for the food bank to fix?? You're a piece of shit.

N.S. Power accused of overcharging by $21M. ha. the story said they had overcharged by SIX million yesterday. one extra day, and 15 more million was found to be overcharged. AND THEY ARE SCREAMING FOR A RATE INCREASE!!! I DESPISE Nova Scotia Power!!!

Accused in chained-teen case granted bail. I do not understand our legal system....AT ALL. People like this should be remanded pending trial, automatically. It enrages me that his personal rights are more important than public (children's) safety!!

Emera party at Salty’s Halifax a day after making rate-increase bid draws political fire

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter says the Emera party was 'ill advised.'

NS Power executives get double-digit raises

Premier Darrell Dexter said the important thing was to get off fossil fuels.