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Enemy of the American people... tRump Republikkkan Fascists!!

Fellow citizens of the world: the US government has been taken over by the rich elite and their corporations and no longer represents the will or voice of the American people.

Chris Rock

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Daca Rescinded !!!! 9-5-17. Never knew how EVIL the wealthy Republican Party could be !!!! All their wealth and they can't bring them selves to help others not born in the lap of luxury such as they were !! But I tell you what, you ignorant, vile, hate mongers your day is coming !! And with tRump at the helm it could be sooner than later !! Matthew 25:31-46. ....

the one on the left is a Baby-Man, the one on the right is a good and honest man.

Republicans destroying America

Blockade Blokes became the Republican Jokes.Republicans destroyed their own party due to their bigotry and hate of Obama and their actually believing their own bullshit lies !

Corporations own the government

Americans pay the highest drug prices in the world . they've [politicians] written a law that forbids negotiating! Greed vs the disabled and elderly - NICE VALUES!

The truth is out there. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country! ☠️

Way to go Jesse! We are not afraid to fight, and die, for our freedom under God!

Fiscally responsible Republicans

The term Republican Fiscal Responsibility has all the validity of a Sarah Palin TED Talk.


trump and his lackies will do anything to divert the American people from the Russian investigation, and I do mean ANYTHING.

I wonder if The Donald believes he is better trained than the two new female Army Rangers, who could make him eat those words.

Exactly why MANY of them feel capable of handling military secrets, and then expose them to the public. Not to mention their crapola analytics that put our military in jeopardy, and our reputation.

.Charles thinks he is an emperor, he said so himself.

We as a nation need to reform our campaign finance laws and reverse the Citizens United decision.

He promised not to touch our benefits, didn't he ? Deceitful Donald. Shameful !

He promised not to touch our benefits, didn't he ?