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Pumpkin Roll and Pumpkin Marshmallow are my 2 favorite Fall scents!

My House Smells SO Good!  Better than fake Febreeze!

LAYERS WASHER WHIFFS: It’s pure indulgence: perfume for your clothes. Add a cap of Washer Whiffs with your everyday laundry detergent and enhance everything from your towels to your Sunday best with Scentsy fragrance.

White Tea & Cactus Scentsy Bar  Your Price: $5.00  To Order: https://wabramson.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Buy/ProductDetails/SB-WTC

White Tea & Cactus Scentsy Bar - A clean, crisp, and refreshing floral mix with green notes.

Lotus Cove Scentsy Bar  Your Price: $5.00  To Order: https://wabramson.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Buy/ProductDetails/SB-LCV

Lotus Cove Scentsy Bar Dive into a crystalline pool of cool water tucked into a secluded cove. Lotus Cove is a splash of sea air, earthy lavender, and water flowers anchored by rustic driftwood.

Scentsy Simply Cinnamon Wax Bar *** Learn more by visiting the image link. Note: It's an affiliate link to Amazon.

Our Simply Cinnamon Scentsy bar captures the piquant deliciousness of this beloved flavoring in a single note.


Weathered Leather Scentsy Bar Step into an old-fashioned saddle shop brimming with dark suede, tooled leather, and vintage saddles over a backdrop of oak.

Scentsy Bar-Amalfi Coast

Yuzu Dragon ~ A burst of fruit that simply sparkles: fresh guava and honeyed nectarine spiked with exotic dragonfruit and yuzu.

Love Story Layers Shower Gel  Innocent pink jasmine and sensual amber embraced by luscious dark chocolate.

Sugar Cookie Layers Shower Gel Warm, sweet blend of butter, sugar, and creamy vanilla.

Pineapple Paradise -- Available July 2012 only. www.divinelyscent.scentsy.us

"Always" Scentsy Bar ~ pair this scent with the "Bride" warmer as a gift for the bride-to-be.

Mix and Match Recipe: "After the Storm" - 1 cube Thunderstorm, 1 cube of Lotus Cove Place both cubes in your warmer and enjoy the aromas! http://emiliesetzkorn.scentsy.us

My Wish Scentsy Bar A confection of earthy fig, sweet violet, and playful marshmallow will have you wishing for more.

Bring Back My Bar - Cutiepie Cupcake - clementine, yellow cake batter and vanilla and sugar icing.  Smells amazing!  laurenf.scentsy.us

BBMB : Cutie Pie Cupcake Sweet clementine and yellow cake batter with vanilla and sugary icing

The Amala Scentsy Warmer is one of the many new warmers in the new Spring/Summer 2013 Catalog.

AMALA SCENTSY WARMER PREMIUM A single, moon-white flower blooms from the heart of Amala, proving that the simplest decoration can be the most beautiful.