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A tribute to the old Hollywood stars list

Grace Kelly In the Hollywood actress was photographed clutching a kitten while working as a part-time model, some eight years before she would become the Princess of Monaco.

Women of Classic Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe with a Russian Blue. This picture makes me smile because the cat in the photo looks like they could be my cat's ancestor. I wonder how many cat generations back that is?

Margaret Mitchell who wrote Gone with the Wind

"Gone with the Wind" author and journalist Margaret Mitchell Courtesy of Atlanta History Center. She was so much more than an author; she was also a secret philanthropist and humanitarian.

(=`ェ´=) Mia Farrow and cat

The Best Cat Ladies Throughout History - Happy National Cat Day.mia farrow with her white cat


Ann-Margret In Swedish actress Ann-Margret framed her face with a Siamese kitten to promote her upcoming film, Kitten With a Whip.