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Legends never die. No but seriously, Josh... please don't get so close to the edge...

that emperors new clothes refrence on josh's shirt tho k ill leave now

“If you can say something that’s funny or do something that’s ridiculous, it’ll make people laugh. So many people struggle with dark thoughts, depression, and internal pain. I’m not an expert on it, but I know that if I’m ever feeling down, if someone can make me laugh, it really is a cure to those thoughts. |-/” -Josh Dun

Deep thoughts by Josh lol Josh dun twenty one pilots skeleton clique stay alive

exactly. I already posted one like this b4 but who cares? I can post a million of the same picture and still luv it.

g on

"Moooom, Josh took my ukulele!" Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun Twenty One Pilots skeleton clique stay street stay alive

Josh dun, twenty one pilots

Josh dun, twenty one pilots Why am i pinning this?

you think I'm listening to you talk, but really I'm looking at pictures of Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph.

A Day in the life of twenty one pilots Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun . Skeleton clique power to the local dreamer