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Be An Active Traveler: Airport, Car & Hotel Room Workout Tips

Be An Active Traveler: Airport, Car & Hotel Room Workout Tips plus a hotel room workout that burns fat and requires absolutely no equipment!

How to Recharge Your Workout (using an unexpected source

How to Recharge Your Workout. Inspiration can strike in the most unexpected places - check out these 5 tips and tricks to get you motivated and more productive in the gym (even though they’re NOT originally workout tips!). This is a great guide to getting the most out of your time to exercise, to achieve your goals and get results, without stressing or getting sidetracked. | fitness motivation | creativity |

Running Tips: How to Become a Morning Runner

Running Tips - How to Become a Morning Runner. Even if you’re a night owl, it’s possible to become one of those people who runs early. Check out these 4 tips for getting your morning workout done before your body has a chance to realize it’s doing exercise. | runchat | healthy habits | fitness motivation |

27 Signs You May Be a Personal Trainer

Is exercise your life? Do you spend more money on lycra than you do on rent? Do you give a breakdown of sets and reps when someone asks you how your workout was? If so, you may be a personal trainer. Consult this checklist for more of the warning signs.

Real Life Bucket List

Real Life Bucket List. What’s on your bucket list - what you think you *should* want to do, or real life dreams? If someone offered you a bucket list item, would you actually do it?

Want a great routine of stretches for runners? These easy, yoga inspired exercises will have you feeling flexible and relaxed following your next run. Work on your fitness while running, then your mobility with these stretches.

6 Awesome Benefits of Strength Training

6 Awesome Benefits of Strength Training - especially for women. Want to know why strength training is considered one of the best things you can do for your body? From fat loss, to self esteem and body image (as well as all the medical benefits), this article outlines why you should be resistance training and how to start. And if you’re new to lifting weights, bodyweight training is a good place to start your strength training routine - workouts are listed at the end!

Where I'm At (with a little link love for my friends

Where I’m At (with a little link love for my friends). At 2 months postpartum, I’m finally feeling more like myself and of course, I’m aiming high and dreaming big. In this link love round up post, I share productivity tips, workout and athletic motivation and how to strive for balance in life. | exercise | fitness | link love |

The Trouble With SHOULD - Throwback Thursday

The Trouble With Should: Too often, we tell ourselves what we *should* be doing when it comes to health and fitness. It sets you up for failure - forget about what you think you should be doing when it comes to exercise or eating and instead do what you can.