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Yellow Card - Only One - Lyrics

My first ever lyrics video. Hope you guys enjoy it :)


I love this quote. I love Ed Sheeran. But I know I have herd this somewhere wwaaaaaaayy before Ed Sheeran was ever famous.

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It gets better! I know it stinks to hear that all the time, but trust me it does! So for the time being, it's okay to fit better into lyrics than life. Everything happens for a reason!

Ed Sheeran<3

I already have a Belieber tattoo and i was deciding on what i want my one to be and its going to be this one bc ED Sheeran means everything to hes one of my biggest idols and inspirations and heroes and i love him to

May not be on here as much but I still think of you ALL the time. I look forward to the nights when we meet in my dreams. Have so much to say but can't. It's hell @ times keeping so much inside that no one sees. You are always with me though. Know that.

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And I don't get waves of missing you anymore, they're more like tsunami tides in…

10 Times Ed Sheeran Melted Our Hearts With His Lyrics

UNI - Ed Sheeran. Don't really like the song but always beautiful lyrics and when sheeran sings .

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Ed Sheeran's beautiful new song one that came out yesterday. There were no lyric pictures so I wanted to make one with one of my favorite verses.

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Ed Sheeran / Castle on the hill / Lyrics / Divide this new song by Ed is goood