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Final Fantasy IV Game Boy Micro

When I Was A Kid This Was My Computer. # etch n sketch # toys Memories - computers were around back then too.

90s kids realize. - Click image to find more hot Pinterest pins

Things that kids realize. Seriously so true, this is my childhood. OMG I remember every one of these

T_T where did those days gooooo!?!?!?

You might be a kid, if. I just had flashbacks to my childhood. I miss old school Lisa Frank. Also, my Beanie Babies aren't worth the millions I thought they were going to be.

Born in the '80s, grew up in the '90s

Feeling like a BOSS in elementary school when you made your projects with WordArt. More like Middle school for me.

Magnetic Drawing Set

Vintage Wooly Willy Dapper Dan the Magnetic Man Toy. I played this for hours on long car trips.

Member this? Ha, so true.Funny thing is, Now my daughter has this drawn every where and she thinks its so cool. Funny how things still happen even with your kiddos!

I have awesome childhood

Funny My Childhood As a Kid, I used to talk into the fan to hear my robot voice

Hubba Bubba

Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug --seriously does anyone else remember this from childhood? I loved this stuff! It's discontinued.

Best snack of childhood in the 90′s

Dunkaroos - Cookies dipped in frosting. A treat from my childhood.

Quints, except mine were redheads of course!

My favorite toy as a kid! - Toys And Games That Will Make Girls Super Nostalgic" AKA proof that my mom wasted a small fortune on me as a kid

lol I'm amazed I remembered what and how so quickly from just those 6 lines XD

True 90's kids will understand.

How to tell if you grew up in the Haha, totally remember this! wow, brings back memories!

90's forever! | DailyFailCenter

Makes you miss your childhood like crazy. When was the last time I even had French Toast Crunch?

I clearly remember using these in elementary school and it's considered a vintage item now! eek!

Vintage Boston Wall Mount Pencil Sharpener -- Schoolhouse Style

Vintage Boston Wall Mount Manual Pencil Sharpener - Schoolhouse, Office, Home