30 Looks That Prove Balayage Hair Is for You

Ombre gray / silver hair but I think I want it with a bigger chunk of dark at the top? I'm gonna do this when I'm older and start getting grey hairs

<3 these!!!!

Air Jordan 11 High Heels Black Pink Jordan Sport Shoes (I don't know if these shoes really exist)

Found it interesting for some reason; maybe just the fact that its pure black

Quoting from the previous pinned "I have a strange love for black lipstick. I'm not goth, emo, or punk, I just find it sexy." I conquer, perhaps black is the new red: for lips.

Blue eyeliner make-up for blue eyes. I wish I could do this... :3 ways to look kewl for school.

12 Easy Ideas For Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes