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Never change yourself to keep someone pacified. The people who love your passions and your flaws even if theirs are totally different, who will stay when you have put up walls, or when you decide you’re changing your plans, who support you no matter how c

I feel like this should be switched because when people are insecure, most of the time nobody knows because they hide it. but with confident people, you can tell they are confident because they show it through their personality.


I learned this lesson last year. There will always be somebody questioning my decisions and funny enough, it's those not even in my life. I realized that I should not explain myself because they will never understand because they do not sincerely wish to.


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This isn't the original post, but it's the same quote. I will always hold this one to my heart for sentimental meanings. It's helped me through so much, and now I'm stronger then I ever was before. So this is to thank this little quote, for being so big.