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from Bloglovin’

my dream would be to get this to 1 million notes by the 1 year... (m.k.)

I knew. But I was waiting for you to tell me yourself. That's why I blew up so many times. I love you Bradley every facet every part of your life understand this and be at peace. Good night with many kisses - Deborah

When you dental patients are talking to you remember that "Silent" and "Listen" are spelled with exactly the same letters. Think about it! Simple Treatment Plan Presentation Form. Dentaltown Message Board > Practice Management > Ask a Dental Consultant >

Some nice advice & inspiration. Now, how about a TBT? Baxter & Layla, looking startled & adorable. Circa Now, for something terrifying... HAHAHA. Me. Circa...late or early I promise my parents didn't give me drugs or alcohol. I think. xoxo, Jenna