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Jello Shots #america

Jello Shots #america

rainbow jello shots with a cherry in the middle. leave out the alcohol for kid-friendly treats! cahseaposts

21 Drunken Foods That Will Change The Way You Party

rainbow jelly shooter (adult party anyone?) rainbow jelly shooter (adult party anyone?) rainbow jelly shooter (adult party anyone?

These red, green, and white jelly shots are perfect for holiday parties.

Holly Jolly Jello Shots

This festive Holly Jolly Jelly Shots finger food is spiked with vodka for a playful party treat. Happy holidays and enjoy! Switch up the colors/flavors to suit any event.

What do you think Bill Cosby would say if he knew I was adulterating his precious Jello with vodka? I love Jello shots because they’re a naughty take on a classic childhood favorite.  I giggl…

Strawberries and cream jello shots: 1 cup Whipped Cream flavored Vodka 1 cup water A package of strawberry Jello - Mix 1 cup boiling hot water with the Jello powder until it’s totally dissolved. Then add a cup of VERY cold vodka by pauline

Rockstar Munkay: Jello Shots

The best Jello shots ever! Makes shots Ingredients: 1 box of Jello - please note there are two different size jello boxes. This recipe is for the small box If you get the bigger one, just double the recipe.

I did some web searching & found these variations...  Jello shots have been a party favorite for years, with a shot of alcohol mixed in with jello, poured into individual sized cups & refrigerated. A new version of this are pudding alcoholic shots, where you put your shot into different flavored puddings.  People who like jello shots tend to love pudding shots as well.  That is why if you know anyone who loves jello shots you should teach them how to do a Pudding Shots Recipe.  There are ...

Adult Pudding Shots (10 Assorted)

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Mondays are punishment for what you did over the weekend.

30 Shots 30 different cocktail shot recipes, visualized into a handy infographic for all. For those very few times now that a shot is necessary.