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Liesl Pfeffer combines her photographs to create abstract nature-inspired collages. One could label her work as “mixed media”, though she’s given herself the title of “photo-media artist”.

Abigail Reynolds paper art - spliced photographs, collage, paper folding

Abigail Reynolds paper art - spliced photographs, collage, paper folding

landscape inspired wearable art.... Monochrome Dress Art Installation - reflecting on the past & present and cultural commonalities // Laura Baruël ripped clothing silhouette sculptures; dress landscapes

Bildearkiv - Latest images registered:mageID.: gma0001 Title: Cubes, 2001-2005. Plexiglass sculptures, 12 x 12 to 30 x 30 cm, handmade photographic transparencies in layers. Keywords:Trees/Trær. Woods/Skogen. Depth/Dybde. Volume/Volum. Perspective/ Perspektiv. Borrehaugene. Artist: Galina Manikova/BONO. Copyright Fotofil

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The 'Predator' project: Artist creates disturbing mirror sculptures that make human forms blend into their surroundings

The predator project: The mirrored sculptures were installed as part of the town's regeneration scheme and to convey the changes that have occurred in the landscape over the last few hundred years

Descent to the lake - And this is why people need to watermark their artwork on the web - 20 min. later I still can't trace it back to the artist.


Muted Layered Landscapes

Muted Layered Landscapes - Brooks Shane Salzwedel Creates Art Using Tape, Resin and Graphite (GALLERY)

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Rising from the ashes: Architects reveal stunning designs for the new Christchurch after city was destroyed by earthquake