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For moms who know what really matters. Black box sign with "Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids." in white. All wooden box signs are deep and can be freestanding or hanging. 8 x 7 x inches.


The funny thing is that "we" assume this, but most people only see what they are doing. Small towns are fun! I love Sneads Ferry, Surf City, and Princeton. all small NC towns.

20 Ridiculously Hilarious Auto Correct Fails 5

Autocorrect FAIL because auto correct does not "correct" words in capitol letters. Also you put a space in between "breast milk" batman is one word.

This is a family tradition haha

And suddenly we were all using the word "thingy" in the because one of The Beatles used it in the film "A Hard Day's Night." I believe it was George who saw "a fiendish thingy.

haha ...

It doesn't matter how old or gangster you are-if a toddler hands you a toy phone, you answer that shit.

Avoid Text and Driving!!! Yourphonecanwait.com: Don't text and Drive. YourPhoneCanWait.com

Oh, your good auto correct. You need this auto correct on ur phone!

....pshh, every girls dream is to eat without getting fat

every guy thinks every girls' dream is to find the perfect guy. pshh, every girls' dream is to eat without getting fat: SO TRUE!