Dormition Cathedral, Moscow  Very colorful doors.................................

Russia Travel Inspiration - Dormition Cathedral, Moscow Very colorful doors.

Ah I just love all of these! If only I could travel the world inn search for magnificent doors

Moscow, Russia this looks to be like an old curch but beautiful in color and I love how the old wooden doors are on it

... @ivannairem ..

Doorway to the Ukraine Pavilion in Kurgan Oblast, Moscow (as far as I can tell from an awkward translation). Photo by Murr, via Panoramio. ~I wonder if it's still around since there's a war between Ukraine and the mean ol' Russia.

Beautiful blue armoire

aqua door: transform a standard hollow door by covering it with a photo! take a high resolution photo printed onto firm paper, lay door flat and glue it on, seal, and voilà!

Porta: Woooow!

Travel Inspiration for India - The colors of are endless! This grand entrance is great inspiration for a statement necklace.