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Un océan d'eau liquide sous la surface d'Encelade, lune de Saturne

Un océan d'eau liquide sous la surface d'Encelade, petite lune de Saturne

Mimas : Une lune de Saturne pourrait contenir un océan liquide

The Obscure, Beautiful Moons of the Outer Planets This charming baby right here is Miranda, one of the 27 known moons of Uranus. Soon enough, you guys will learn that I’m an absolute fucking fanatic...

Hubble signe un superbe portrait de la galaxie M 83

Spiral Galaxy galaxy is ablaze with newborn stars in this Hubble image. The vibrant magentas and blues mark the sites of star formation. The galaxy, also known as the Southern Pinwheel, lies 15 million light-years away in the constellation Hydra.

Portrait de la Voie Lactée

This is a really gorgeous painting by Jacopo Tintoretto depicting the "Origin of the Milky Way, Jupiter (Zeus) seeks to give immortality to his son, Hercules, conceived during an illicit affair with a mortal woman Alcmene. He knows that...

Cette astronome française l’affirme : les extraterrestres communiquent avec nous mais nous ne les comprenons pas !

Ganymede. 7ème satellite de Jupiter, plus grand que la planète Mercure. Centre en fer entouré de Silicate, recouvert de glace

La galaxie la plus dense jamais observée

The densest galaxy in the nearby part of the Universe may have been found. Packed with an extraordinary number of stars, this unusual galaxy is providing astronomers with clues to its intriguing past and how it fits into the galactic evolutionary...

Impressionnants portraits dans l'ultraviolet du Grand et Petit Nuage de Magellan

Where are the hottest stars in the nearest galaxies? To help find out, NASA commissioned its Earth-orbiting Swift satellite to compile a multi-image mosaic of the neighboring Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) galaxy in ultraviolet light.

Le bulbe central de notre galaxie aurait une forme de cacahuète

Le bulbe central de notre galaxie en forme de cacahuète (image ESO)

Une galaxie entre "deux âges" photographiée par Hubble

La galaxie en transition NGC 5010 photographiée par Hubble

La galaxie naine ESO 540-31 photographiée par Hubble