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What Is Rhoeo: Tips On Growing Rhoeo Plants

What Is Rhoeo: Tips On Growing Rhoeo Plants

Peperomia magnoliifolia cv. green & gold

Peperomia - about the succulent genus Peperomia, how to grow Peperomas, Peperomia picture gallery, about the genus Piper, Family Piperaceae


Care Of Coral Plant: Learn How To Grow A Coral Plant

Jatroha multifida is a hardy plant that thrives in nearly any lighting condition and grows like a weed. What is Jatropha multifida? The plant is grown for its huge, delicate leaves and brilliantly colored blooms. Learn more in this article.

Using Georgia Native Plants: Native Plants in Containers

Native plants really belong in vast tracts of preserved habitat. There they grow and thrive, spreading their roots as far as they need .

San Marcos Growers Information on plants grown at the nursery. Casurina glauca

San Marcos Growers Information on plants grown at the nursery. Casurina glauca

NH003 Nepenthes x ventrata large

2 large plants ready potted in a long tom pot, beautiful orange red pitchers to around this is one of the easiest Nepenthes to grow

Manihot grahamii The shadow patterns they make as the sun filters through  it grows several feet in one year & is drought tolerant to boot.Can grow to 20’ & stays evergreen in zones 10 & 11. Pretty clusters of greenish bells bloom in Summer & are loved by bees.

Manihot grahamii “Hardy Tapioca” Tree, to Part Sun/Shade. Low to average water. Zones evergreen in zones 10 and Some parts are poisonous.

Native vines for Georgia http://i0.wp.com/www.georgialandscapeexam.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/2717567635_a8afa954d4.jpg?resize=500%2C375

Trumpet vine is a native American vine that grows quickly and easily, especially in the south east. The vines blooms come in various shades of red, orange and yellow. It's a beautiful vine that .

DIY Weed Killer - We have a nasty weed problem. My husband looked up some different weed killers available on the market today and learned that one of the main ingredients of weed killer is also one of the main ingredients in AGENT ORANGE. He did not feel comfortable with that, to say the least. After the success of my DIY laundry detergent and DIY dishwasher detergent, he thought he should be able to find a DIY weed killer. He was right!

The weeds growing in your yard and garden can give you valuable information about the condition of your soil and its nutrients.