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meelo "be the leaf" "your a horrible teacher daddy" "unhand me strange woman" "look mommy im a snow bender"

AHH! Such a good scene. These two are so dynamic. I kinda see the creators doing something more with them, or they just wanted to show how hard Bolin had already fallen for Korra. If it was just a demonstration, it didn't prove much besides that adorable look of adoration :D

The Legend of Korra - Book 2 Trailer #2 [HD] OHMYGOSH IT'S ALMOST HERE, YOU GUYS!!!! :D @Hanna Åberg Åberg Åberg Stephenson @Megan Ward Maxwell Cundiff chocolifesong

Head Canon accepted WAHOOO!! HEY DAD HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN A WHILE! I’M NOT YOUR DAD, BUMI! C, can’t breathe… inspired by this haha