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Irish brain surgeons operating in the eighth century in a remote area of Ireland, saw 1,000-year-old TB and cancer. Archaeologists unearthed the remains of up to 1,300 people after discovering the graves alongside an unknown medieval church on the banks of the river Erne at Ballyhanna. Photo by Getty

Shipwrecks - Divers have recovered nine bronze cannons and other relics from a Spanish Armada warship that sank off the coast of Ireland more than 400 years ago.

The Brehon laws “The Lost Laws of Ireland” show complex sophisticated society.., My Family name [O' (son of) Judge, is translation of Brehon...

From beasts and demons to Latin prayers for the dead, the walls of England’s medieval churches and cathedrals are covered with inscriptions and doodles. But what do they tell us about the Middle

The map makes a strong distinction between Irish and Anglo-French (Norman) lands. In practice, the borders were blurred, with a lot of everyday movement of trade and persons to-and-fro. Anglo-French and Irish lords routinely signed agreements with each other against common foes. In later centuries, this interchange was to become so pronounced that it would be legislated against.

Some of the most popular surnames in Ireland have histories that go back hundreds, even thousands of years. Several originated from the ancient Irish clans that ruled various parts of the country over the centuries.

2,200-Year-Old Stunning Mosaics Discovered in Ancient Greek City

Beautiful Pictures and interesting facts! Ever wonder what it was like back then? The artwork here is amazing! They built their homes from STONE and would decorate the walls of their homes like this! Cool!