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yomimo: “ this one took pretty long but I am kind of happy with it! I wanted to draw her in a shorter swimsuit.

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That's so cute I love dave #6

AWW Dave is so cute this is so like me when I get any complement. I get super shy and I'm just like" oh stop it, you!">>>>>> i cant take compliment either

th3 p0st 1s tru3 f0r f4ng1rls

Okay, but seriously? Karkat is like, the sweetest guy ever! He suppresses all of his motions in order to maintain some sense of leadership, and even when shit goes to chaos, all he ever does is out of the best interest of his friends.

Don't listen to them Jake. I love you because of you <3  You are one of my favorites. And I will never let you down <3<<whoever said this is needs to go in witness protection cause you have alot of angry people ready to rip off your face

Everybody gets a meme

while i personally don't like jake since the fandom ruined him that does not mean i have to be a dick about it

No larger size available

" of course I want a cracker" I love the striders ( homestuck Dave davespirit strider)---> this little guy is adorable