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Mike Huckabee is blaming Hillary Clinton for the Benghazi coverup. As previously reported The Inquisitr, the Hillary Clinton Benghazi allegations came earlier this week when the House of .

I don't care if our President was black white, brown, yellow or what- protesting socialism has nothing to do with the color of one's skin- it has everything to do with fighting for our rights as free American citizens!

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Who would have thought the biggest threat to America would be our own president?

God willing

Time to clean house, time to throw out the anarchist, socialist, constitution hating jerks out of power. The people want a patriotic God honoring leader! Trump is like Reagan.


Hate to tell you but she has already been SELECTED! We haven't been a democratic state for quite some time now

#YoullMakeIt I don't recall everyone running around protesting both times and saying he's not our President-even though he wasn't our President

* 。・゚゚・ αѕιмρℓє∂σиυт ・゚゚・。 was obama a groper? was obama racist? was obama sexist? was obama homophobic? WAS OBAMA STUPID?

As long as BC & HC make money that's all that matters. We need patriots to enlist at http://USFREEDOMARMY.COM .

U.S. Freedom Army on

Thanks Hillary for giving away an American commodity for your personal gain.


James Woods ‏ And where is this liar hiding during the Syria fiasco? DefendWallSt ‏ just remember come She helped craft the "red line" strategy James Woods ‏ Only the passion of the true liar can engender such emotion.

A HUGE difference! You're not supposed to be Best Buds. You're Parents.trying behaving as such things. Just sayin.

Indonesia Frees Muslim Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls as “Ramadan Present” | FrontPage Magazine

Indonesia Frees Muslim Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls as Ramadan Present