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In the wake of the Benghazi terror attack and congressional hearings, Democrat bullying and Republican cowardice is exposed. Bullies, Cowards and Benghazi!

The first photo is a great example of exploitation of others suffering. The photographer took the photo then walked off because helping the child "wasn't their job" but capturing the moment was. How many more of these photographs have the same situation behind them?

Some famous photos in history

7/22/15 - Plus, I 'misplaced' $6 BILLION as Sec of State...  TOTALLY QUALIFIED!!!

✡NurseMiriam✡ on

yet now worth 46 million."the only way to get rich in politics is to be a crook"-Harry Truman

Life sacrifices that are forgotten by many.  Thank you to the men and woman in service and his or her families left at home.

A Soldier doesn't fight. military patriotic sign - with vinyl lettering america, army navy marines, air force--im going to have alot of quotes on my locker

A tribute to: BatShit Crazy Pelosi.... And here's Obama's quote: "I could not be prouder of her...She's thoughtful..a visionary..never lets ideology cloud her judgment ." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

THIS is what we get when we have a mainstream media propaganda machine working hard to not report the actual facts & low-information voters more interested in "free stuff" than their freedom

Did Webb Hubble Just Inadvertently Admit to Being Chelsea Clinton’s Real Dad? He was Hillary's Law partner in Arkansas. Both Webb and Killary make references to each other in their respective books.  Webb also states that looking at Chelsea makes him feel successful. Can anyone see the resemblance in the lips and nose? Hmm.  Maybe Killary isn't a lesbian afterall. Or asking for a 2nd opinion.

This secret could DESTROY Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Another skeleton in Hillary’s closet is coming back to haunt her… It appears Chelsea Clinton’s real father is Webster Hubbell, the former …

They well be head anyone who doesn't do what they want it follow Islam

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is due to its close ties with chemical giant Monsanto also known as the "bride of Frank Foods.

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