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Most of the time I am with those that bring out the BEST in me!! Some days...it just does not happen!

This is my pledge and what I am working on now. Love the me on the outside, AND the inside. I am a God-loving, faithful, sensitive and fun person...because I am not thin, and not 25 anymore...doesn't matter. I am good. I am worthy.

I am fighting a storm inside of me. Where my heart realises that i still love you and hoping you still do too, longing for another chance, a last kiss. But my mind says get over it, move on and stop hur

Women who live with abuse is the hardest for me to watch. Stand up...and walk away. Even if means you have nothing, you'll have your life and you'll have peace. You deserve so much more.

Le plus beau de nous deux, c'est que tu es arrivé exactement au moment où j'avais besoin de personne. <3

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