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The Virgin Forest- White Hybrid Delphinium, Green Celosia, Artichoke, Branches, Acorn, Curly Willow

Blue Hydrangea, Yellow Tulips, White Peonies, White Roses, Blue Delphinium

Green Cymbidium, White Dendrobium, White Roses, White Lily

White Dendrobiums, Kale, Artichoke, Hypericum Berry and a Succulent

Purple Artichokes, Purple Hydrangea, Yellow Dahlias, Orange Snapdragons and Purple Hybrid Delphinium

Picasso Calla, Purple Ginestra, Blue Thistle, Green Buttons, Succulent

Green Hydrangea and Zebra Grass

White Aggies, White Hydrangea, White Tulips, White Roses, White Lisianthus

Orange Pin Cushion Protea, Black Calla, Artichoke, Peach Peony Roses in a Short Cylinder