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the-miter-box-4 That bed area looks dangerous, but I like the dining table underneath.

Tiny house with built in stairs/storage underneath. I like this because it's a loft bedroom, but with more separation and proper stairs. AND the only space that is "wasted" is the frost 3 or maybe 4 steps. The remaining under stairs space makes really great storage, and with the bathroom on the other side some of that area could open into the bath and some into the kitchen.

Another great idea for an attic bedrooms. When the kids are too big for the small bed spaces, then convert it to a big window seat area.

I like the large open dining room

Small Box House by Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier. Nice use of plain Birch wood panels.

Transformation of a mini home working. Location: Van Volxem Avenue, 222 - 1190 Brussels Area: 100 m2

Sauvie Island Tiny House, Interior, Parent's Bedroom in the Loft and Entrance: The interior of this house for 4 looks so open and spacious, it’s hard to believe that the footprint is only 540 square feet.