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African Safari

Top Tourist Attractions in Tanzania

That would be fun but I don't really want to be eaten by a lion.

Harry Potter movies in one day? I think yes!

Bucket List: Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one day. (It takes 46 mins with out factoring in time to switch out dvds and bathroom breaks, then if you want to get your self some food or anything else, you're looking at a good hours at least.

Really want to do some of these!

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Things to do! Except not the "online friends" part for me. and I've already made a pretty legit dream catcher.

marry the person I can tell every little thing to

perfect bucket list: marry the person i can tell every little thing to - check!

bucket list for girls.. I would name mine cassia or celseste

(Paper Towns by. John green) paper towns was the first book my boyfriend bought me and I want to name out kid after the most badass girl in the book I don't think Ben counts.